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Slope Unblocked, hosted on Classroom 6x, is a fast and intense 3D arcade game. Players have to guide a ball down an endless steep slope. The slope isn’t smooth sailing however. There are obstacles and challenges at every turn. This includes jumps and blocks that if hit, will cause the player to fall into the abyss below.

The backdrop of the game is set in the future. It’s filled with neon graphics which increases speed and urgency for the player. The faster you go down the slope, the harder it is to control your ball.

It’s a very simple concept when it comes to controls as well. You only move left or right to avoid obstacles coming at you. However, while input might be simple, gameplay is anything but that.

As you progress through gameplay, you’ll notice one thing getting harder and harder: not dying. It may sound easy due to how simple the controls are but we can assure you it’s not.

One last thing that I particularly enjoyed about Slope was its leaderboard feature . Everyone on Classroom 6x can now compete for highest score! So if you’re looking for a fun and addictive little game to spend your time on? Look no further than Slope!

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