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OVO, a game featured on Classroom 6x, is an addicting platformer game that Chromebook users are raving about. It’s been a hit in classrooms all over the world. The clean design and mechanics make it super easy to get started and hard to put down.

The goal of OVO is simple: make it through a series of increasingly difficult levels. Simple in objective but not necessarily so in execution. You’ll frequently find yourself running into walls in frustration. But that’s okay! It’s part of the fun.

The controls are as simple as they could possibly be. The spacebar makes your chick jump and the arrow keys make you slide. That’s literally it! My only complaint is that you can’t use WASD, but I guess that’s just personal preference.

On the first level, you might be thinking, “Why is this so boring?” But trust me, after 5 levels or so your brain will start going into overdrive trying to react to all the obstacles on screen. However, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun with a browser game before.

Not only does OVO let kids take their minds off of school for a second and have some fun, but it’s also great for their hand-eye coordination! Each new level introduces obstacles that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes to overcome.

Classroom 6x made the right choice featuring this game and students all around are loving them for it. The browser format ensures smooth performance on any Chromebook you play on and guarantees no one has excuses not to play!

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