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Put on your helmet and prepare to laugh, scream, gag or all three at the same time. Happy Wheels is a hilariously funny and bone-crunchingly hilarious physics-based game that you’ll probably want to take a break from every once in a while. It was created by Jim Bonacci in 2010 and takes you through levels full of death traps. Seriously, this game isn’t for the faint of heart.

Happy Wheels puts you into control of some of the most absurdly designed vehicles ever built. No, seriously, who thought any of these were a good idea? They’re piloted by an array of characters ranging from an office worker on a personal transporter to a reckless father taking his kid for a ride on his bike. The goal? Make it to the end in one piece. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! You’ll be provided with challenges like spikes, mines, wrecking balls and more that will shred your character in ways that would make Mortal Kombat blush.

The creators gave this horrifying experience a brutal realistic feeling by using real physics simulations. Basically every movement will result in injuries and crashes no matter how big or small they are. This ensures that each failed attempt is as mind-boggling as it is painful.

As masochistic as it sounds there is actually some skill needed to complete puzzles and avoid traps throughout the game’s levels. There’s also plenty of replay features included so you can relive your glory (or lack thereof) moments if need be.

Other players can design their own courses using the creation tools given to them then share them online for others to play which means new challenges will never stop coming. Some favorites include harpoon-dodging while riding around on jet-powered wheel chairs or trying not explode rolling over minefields with Segways.

If you’re looking for more insights, tips, tricks… really anything just know Classroom 6x has got what you need. The site is a go-to for tips in Happy Wheels and many other games. If you ever find yourself wondering how to do something in the game or just want to see something silly, no matter what it is, head on over to Classroom 6x.

It’s not all about violence and gore though. You’ll actually have fun with this game… at least once you get the hang of it. Each goal will feel like an achievement as you continue to complete them and eventually master the game.

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