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1v1.LOL is an online game that combines shooter mechanics and building. It was designed to blend both of these interesting genres into one game. And it works out pretty well! Which is why it’s become so popular among students using Chromebooks.

Students have started playing the game in school because it’s one of the few games that are actually engaging and interactive. You can’t really blame them, but as a student I’ve been there, you’re just sitting in class waiting for the teacher to finish her sentence and let you start your break.

At least, this way they’ll be doing something productive and keeping themselves entertained instead of talking or making noise.

Jumping into a 1v1.LOL lobby on Classroom 6x isn’t anything special, it’s just like any other shooter game. However, what you decide to do once your feet touch the ground will determine your victory or failure. You can either sit still waiting for people to come your way or hunt them down yourself.

As for weapons, there are tons that you can choose from! Shotguns, snipers, ARs… You name it! There are also different modes like 2v2 where everything above still applies but now it’s two teams fighting against each other.

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