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Monkey Mart is a simulation game that takes place in a supermarket run by monkeys. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s perfect for anyone.

In the game you’ll control a monkey entrepreneur as he runs and expands his supermarket. From stocking shelves with unique fruits to managing monkey employees, the game perfectly simulates how busy a grocery store can be. The core of the game is simple: grow your business, satisfy your customers and become the top mart in your area.

The obvious question is “what makes this game special?” Well, Monkey Mart combines inventory management, customer satisfaction, and store upgrades all while giving us our much needed dose of bananas. There are different levels throughout the game each one introduces new products, challenges, and customers so there won’t be any boring moments.

The art style of Monkey Mart is vibrant with lots of colors. The designs for each character are adorable which makes them that much more relatable. The sounds play off each other well too which makes walking through the map an experience within itself.

Sure running around restocking shelves can be fun but what really sets things apart here is thinking ahead strategically so you don’t run out of resources. Staffing monkeys to work at your mart will also require you to think ahead because each monkey has different skill points that could make or break your business.

Classroom 6x has been raving about Monkey Mart since it was released so if you’re someone who wants to maximize their experience playing then Classroom 6x might be worth checking out on your down time. On their website they offer tips for optimizing layouts in your store to getting fast tracked growth on your market and even just discussing theories about where monkeys come from!

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