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Retro Bowl is an outstanding throwback to those classic 8-bit football games. It has simple, yet engaging gameplay that new and old fans can enjoy, couple this with the 8-bit pixel art graphics and you have a charming game that’s hard to put down.

In the Retro Bowl on Classroom 6x, you play as the team manager and coach. Create your own dream team from scratch and lead them through many seasons. Off the field, you’ll be making various decisions to help grow your team such as: managing their roster, dealing with the media, keeping morale high and much more.

Games with great graphics are always nice but there’s something special about those when they’re just pixels. On paper it might sound bad but it’s actually quite awesome. Retro Bowl takes complex football plays and puts them into a simple experience that anyone can pick up and play.

And hey if you don’t know how to play at first, don’t worry! The controls are extremely intuitive so after a few minutes of playing you should have it all down. However if things ever get too easy for you then know there’s still enough depth in controls to keep it challenging.

The retro aesthetic is also what separates this game from others in its genre. Sure other football games might have better graphics or even licensed players; but none of them will have a unique charm like this game does.

Overall the Retro Bowl on Classroom 6x is a extremely fun game for people who love sports management games without excessive complexities. Plus side as well — you’ll often find yourself getting lost in time while playing because it’s just really hard to put this one down once you start.

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